Top Ten Reasons


1. Mission Statement:

To nurture successful, sincere and strong

global citizens and leaders for

a better and brighter future.


Our mission statement is at the heart of S International School (SIS). It was developed to bring a stronger understanding of our goals, ambitions and passions and is used to help guide us towards a brighter and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding, education, love and respect. To view a more detailed version of our philosophy click here.

2. SIS Staff:

S International School provides staff from 12 different countries. We provide support to dedicated teachers who love children with all their heart.  All of our teachers are internationally minded individuals working together towards the common goal of providing the best in education and nurturing potential and confidence in all of our children.

3. Teaching Philosophy = Fun:

SIS knows that children take an active role in learning, especially when they are having fun and enjoying class. To insure that our students are happy and enjoy everyday our teachers are committed and trained in child development methods that promote our students natural curiosity, enthusiasm, responsibility, motivation, inquisitiveness, sincerity, courage and a passion of learning in our children.

4. Curriculum:

Our internationally minded curriculum develops strong and happy students whom demonstrate inquiry, critical thinking, reflective thought, creativity, knowledge and respect.

5. Facilities:

S International School features bright and large classrooms, a library, art and science room, large indoor multipurpose room, computers in every classroom and an outside playfield equipped with soccer, basketball and volleyball. In addition to our school grounds we facilitate a large park located beside the school, swimming pool and make use of the public library.

6. Location and Bus Services:

SIS is happy and proud to provide the best in international education for the Chiba and Tokyo areas of Japan. We provide school bus service for students, also the facilities are easily accessed by car and located conveniently next to many main train lines.  

7. Attention to the Individual Learner:

SIS provides one on one interaction with children and low student/teacher ratios. These ratios are set to provide each student with the maximum amount of support, time and interaction to build their lifelong learning skills. 

8. Internationalism:

At SIS students from all over the world can interact and grow together on a daily basis. With our respect and dedication to being active in the world community we have attracted families from over 20 different nations. 

9. Support:

S International School supports children of any country or nationality and of any English level. We provide additional classes and services such as: After School Classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Saturday Activities for students who are struggling in English or are joining our school later in the term. Our professional teachers are experienced with teaching to students with different skills and abilities and are able to bridge the language gap between children.

10. Environment:

Our school provides a warm, friendly and inspiring environment for our students to learn and play in. We want students to feel that SIS is a second home where they can feel safe, secure and are never afraid to show their beautiful smile.