Kindergarten  ( S International School ) 


Work-play program for a child

    Our work-play Pre-Kindergarten course focuses on readiness skills, with hands-on activities and manipulative that prepare our children for an academic Kindergarten.

  Our children develops readiness for reading through vocabulary-building activities and exercises designed to stimulate visual and auditory discrimination. Discussions and storytelling invite him/her to explore the seasons, senses, community workers, national heroes, and family, as well as growth and change. Our students also learns to associate ideas, build logical sequences, and strengthen comprehension and memory skills.

  Math activities prepare our child to enter Kindergarten able to recognize and write the numbers 1 through 10. He/she will also gain a basic math vocabulary and is introduced to simple measurements, and the concept of patterns.

  Overall, we will enjoy a year of guided, fun developmental activities as we work together to awaken a love of learning.


   What Our Children Will Learn...

   Reading Readiness

Building vocabulary; associating ideas and logical sequence; visual and auditory discrimination of letters; rhyming words; storytelling; comprehension skills; memory; similarities and differences; motor control

   Number Readiness

Recognizing and writing numerals; basic math vocabulary; shapes; number ideas 1-10; matching and sets, following patterns; simple measurements; money


Singing children's nursery songs; finger plays

   Games & Play

Performing dramatizations; finger painting; riddles

   Stories & Poems

Hearing selected children's stories, poems; finger plays


Talking about seasons, national heroes, farm animals, the circus, senses, growth and change, community helpers, the United States


Modeling with clay; gluing; making musical instruments; splatter painting; baking; braiding; folding (all interconnected with the concepts being taught in other subjects)