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Our Third Grader will delight in reading. Anthologies, a library of stories, and a critical thinking workbook help to build strong comprehension skills. Organized writing skills continue to be developed through Composition. 
  A new Spelling workbook and CD reinforce correct spelling through practice and the use of spelling strategies. Myths and legends, art, and picture study will prepare our children for future appreciation of literature and the arts.

  In Math, our students will develop multiplication skills, while continuing to expand skills in fractions, decimals, and graphing. Word problems with rounding are also featured. Technology application lessons feature graphing in spreadsheets and also introduce presentation software to our students. In Science, our children will study life cycles and force and motion.


What Our Children Will Learn...


Application lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tool integrated with curriculum: keyboarding; introduction to touch typing; word processing basics; introduction to spreadsheets; using e-mail and the Internet; beginning database skills; visual mapping. Internet activities integrated with Reading and Science texts


 Reviewing phonics skills, structural analysis, syllabication, irregular plurals, suffixes, prefixes, and possessives; reinforcing skills using anthologies, Reader’s Library, and Smiling Hill Farm; identifying main ideas; drawing conclusions; making inferences; differentiating between fact and opinion; making generalizations; predicting outcomes


Expanding long and short vowel sounds; beginning and ending sounds; prefixes and suffixes; diphthongs; combinations, blends, and digraphs;

Spelling & Vocabulary

New workbook and CD! Reinforcing correct spelling through daily exercises and spelling strategies; reviewing commonly misspelled words; introducing cross-curricular words; integrating spelling with phonics, vocabulary studies, reading, and writing



Developing organized writing skills; completing four lessons each week; building skills in basic grammar, punctuation, correction, letter writing, and journaling


Featuring Calvert Math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication (to 9s), and division; reading and writing numbers with place values through 100,000s; comparing fractions; equivalent fractions; decimals to hundredths; pictographs; bar graphs; coordinate points on grids; tree diagrams; rounding; word problems; Roman numerals; regrouping in addition and subtraction


Introduction to life cycles of organisms; force and motion; matter as a solid, liquid, and gas; heat and light; the solar system; erosion and natural resources; animal ecosystems; health and nutrition


Application lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tool integrated with curriculum: developing keyboarding, touch typing, and word processing skills; spreadsheet basics; graphing in spreadsheets; e-mail and Internet use; database searches; visual mapping; introduction to presentation software. Internet activities integrated with Reading and Science texts.


Memorizing; reading for pleasure; writing original cinquains and haikus

History & Mythology                        Reading biographies of famous Americans, including explorers, presidents and humanitarian leaders, scientists, writers, and artists; understanding myths and legends of Greece as foundation for literature appreciation

Geography                                    Identifying hemispheres, continents, and oceans; strengthening map skills; understanding symbols; graphs; longitude; latitude

Third Grade Full Course Materials

Inside your box...

Bullet Smiling Hill Farm      Bullet Tales from Far & Near, Tales of Long Ago     Bullet RewardsBullet HorizonsBullet Reader's Library*Bullet Famous Americans*Bullet Gods of Greece*  Bullet Let's Read a Poem           Bullet Everyday Spelling*Bullet Calvert Mastery Series: Spelling 3 CDBullet Critical Thinking, Level C*        Bullet Reading Work Pages*



Bullet Reading Word Cards*  Bullet Phonics, Level C*            Bullet Maps, Globes, & Graphs, Level Bullet Calvert Math*Bullet Calvert Math Practice &
  Enrichment Workbook*Bullet McGraw-Hill Science Bullet Activity Pages*Bullet Answer Keys for Daily Work*
   Bullet ATS Tests*Bullet Supplies: 24 items, including the art  pictures and drawing paper*