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Itís our pleasure to inform that more enjoyable and memorable pages will be available soon. 

However we need to inform that our schools will stop managing in 2008 due to private reasons 

and will start functioning again in 2012.


With a remarkable efforts of our new board of trustees, SIS will start simultaneous expansion in 2012 supporting international pre-schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools in

Europe, Australia, East Asia (Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan), Canada and USA providing international accreditation and affiliation .


SIS will remain confident to fulfil its commitment towards international community by providing a better education for the young learners assisting them to become creative thinkers and the future's global peace supporter. Weíll teach our children to love the world, be kind to one another no matter what race and background one may has, and always believe in change.


We will teach them to believe in change for better.


Once again we wish you a great time visiting this site.


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