Kindergarten  ( S International School ) 


Continuous skill development and reinforcement of achieved skills

   Our Kindergartener will be given the right beginning with our academic Kindergarten course. Our strong phonics approach to reading emphasizes short vowel and consonant sounds, sequencing, auditory/visual discrimination, classifying, and rhyming. Math studies will bring an understanding of basic addition and subtraction. 

  Number ideas from 1 to 31 are explored, as are shapes, problem solving, and ordering numbers. Technology application lessons and activities introduce keyboard and mouse basics, as well as word processing and graphics applications.

  Lessons in science, poetry, history, geography, and art introduce age-appropriate topics to give your child a solid foundation. This well-rounded program maintains high expectations without losing its Kindergarten flavor, with lots of music, arts and crafts, and learning games.


What Your Child Will Learn...

Technology New! 

Application lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tool integrated with curriculum: keyboard and mouse basics; parts of a computer; introduction to word processing; beginning graphics skills



Emphasizing phonics to teach short vowels, consonant sounds; logical/chronological sequencing; auditory/visual discrimination; classifying; rhyming; reading 20 phonics storybooks

Spelling & Vocabulary

Identifying word beginnings and endings; controlled vocabulary of short vowel words; key words


Developing fine motor control; option of printing letters, words, and simple sentences


Developing oral expression; constructing asking/telling sentences


Featuring Calvert Math. Number ideas from 1 to 31; patterns, shapes, and understanding data from pictures; properties of addition and subtraction; problem solving; graphing; ordering numbers; matching sets; probability


Seasons; five senses; space; differences among land, air, and water; weather; natural resources



Enjoying and memorizing poems, rhymes, traditional children's songs, and finger plays


Famous people and events (i.e., U.S. Presidents, Martin Luther King, Jr., Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.)


Where people live, families, communities, and animal habitats


Painting; drawing with crayons and chalk; clay; craft activities